Early purse form musical snuff box (tabatière)


Very rare to find Musical Snuff box

Made in Geneva

Singed “Chapius & Barrah” “fecit a geneva 1813″ (or 1813)

Stamped on the comb base “C & B” “P”

comb 14 section of 3 teeth on a 2.8cm cilinder

Note the nicely made start/stop train

Spring singed and dated “Bertrant 1813″

Playing a well known tune :

Chapius & Barrah

Case by JF Bautte & Cie

engravings “M S” in the case refering to the owner Sir Marcus Somerville 4th (d. 1831)


case detailed





Zeer zeldzaam snuifdoosje  uit Genève

gesigneerd op de cilinder “Chapius & Barrah” “fecit a geneva 1813″

gestempeld op de kam-basis “C & B” “P”

Kam uit 14 secties van 3 tanden. De cilinder 2.8cm lang

video :

Chapius & Barrah

Het gouden doosje door JF Bautte & Cie

graveerwerk op de kist ”M S” refererend naar de eigenaar Sir Marcus Somerville 4th (d. 1831)

 veer gesigneerd “Bertrant 1813″

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